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LGS Framing Melbourne

LGS framing installation with precision.
Melbourne​ LGS Framing

Lightweight Steel Framing

Lightweight steel framing has become more prominent in the Victorian construction industry over the last 5 years, and after seeing it being used more often, we adapted our skill set and began taking on installs around that time.

We now have an experienced crew of carpenters who have the ability to carry out the installation of LGS framing of any design, including the installation of associated structural steel. 

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A Safe and Efficient Approach

We have developed a system of building the roof in sections on the ground onsite and craning them into position.

When building the roof sections on the ground, we install all trusses, bracing, battens and parapet walls before lifting, and we also give the roof plumbers the opportunity to install their safety mesh and handrail, making the whole process onsite much quicker and safer for everyone. 

LGS Framing Melbourne
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